About My Affiliate Program & Fundraising

Ask Julie about an AFFILIATE LINK for your organization, club, or event as a FUNDRAISER plus, a learning opportunity for your membership. Receive $25 from each member's purchase to put towards your fundraising efforts!


I would like to extend an invitation to your organization to participate in this fundraising opportunity!

Through customized affiliate links to my online course, “Building Bonds,” based on my book Equine Stretching for Mobility – An Illustrated Guide, members will have lifetime access to a series of chapters covering equine anatomy, knowing your horse’s normal, basic massage techniques, and stretching exercises, and much more!

Raise funds, learn lifetime skills and bond with your horse!

For each member who purchases Building Bonds through your organization’s affiliate link the organization will receive $25 /purchase which will be a one-time payment per purchase to the organization. Accumulated totals will be paid to the organization on a quarterly basis. All affiliate links are tracked through an automated program on the Thinkific learning platform.

Building Bonds is learning designed for horse lovers of all ages, all disciplines and benefits all horses for a cost of $380 plus 5% gst. (Canada). 


Members will learn:

- Bodywork that ANYONE can do! 

- Basics: anatomy and movement of the horse

- Knowing Your Horse’s Normal: vital signs, habits, stance

- The Ultimate Connection: “feel” - massage & soft tissue release techniques

- Preparing Your Horse for a Stretching Routine

- Stretching Exercises for the Entire Body & Developing a Stretching Routine


For more information & to enroll your organization in this fundraising & educational opportunity please contact Julie, or download the document below.