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About Extend-A-Cool Equine Products

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Product Description:

  • Extend-A- Cool is a transdermal cooling sheet that can provide immediate cooling action for up to six hours, reducing body temperature locally by as much as 6-8 degrees F/minus 11- minus 13 degrees C.

  • The cooling sheet is 8”W x 11”L  (20cm x 28cm).

  • Extend-A-Cool helps relieve sore shins, osslets, and inflammation of muscles and tendons that result from strenuous activity. Extend-A-Cool can also help reduce the swelling and discomfort that comes from acute sprains and bruises.

  • Extend-A-Cool can be used before and after an event, after strenuous training or exercise, during transportation, as First Aid on the trail, and after endurance events.

 Features and Benefits:

  • Does not require refrigeration, freezing or wetting.

    • Great for the trail and other situations where ice or running water is not available

    • Less mess than ice or water hoses.

    • Is a more moderate cooling effect.

    • Refrigerating Extend-A-Cool will increase the cooling capacity for the first 10 minutes.


  • Great for First Aid Kits.

    • Small, flat and flexible.


  • Ready to use. No prior cooling required.

    • Can be stored in the horse trailer, your vehicle the barn or in your saddle bags.

    • Can be quickly and easily applied to the horse.

    • Cooling action begins as soon as the package is opened and the cellophane cover is removed from the Cooling Sheet.

    • If you only use the product for an hour or two, replace the cellophane cover and place the product in a sealable plastic bag. The cooling action will stop and the product can be used later if applied to the same horse’s leg.

    • Re-using the cooling sheet is recommended due to the risk of Bacterial Dermatitis.


  • Product is air activated

    • Do not cover the Cooling Sheet with wraps or boots since air may not be able to reach the Cooling Sheet. Applying the adhesive layer to the mammal’s extremity results in the evaporation of the moisture in the cooling sheet, and the vaporization heat therefore causes the skin temperature to rapidly decline immediately after the adhering of the cooling sheet. It is important that the cooling sheet be allowed to breathe by using the Extend-A-Cool Mesh Wrap which is designed to complement the cooling sheet.

    • The cooling effect commences within 15 min, reducing the temperature of the leg up to approximately 6-8 degrees F/minus 11 – minus 13 degrees C over a 6-8 hour time period.

    • In emergencies, the product can be held onto the horse’s extremity using tape applied to either end of the product.


Storage and Handling

  • Accidental puncture of the packaging will result in the product drying out.

  • Package product will withstand freezing and hot temperature (up to 150 degree F/65.5 degrees C) without loosing it’s effectiveness. We do recommend that the product be stored at normal room temperature when possible to ensure the best results.


– is a route of administration wherein active ingredients are delivered across the skin for systematic distribution. For example: patches with medication, etc.







Frequently Asked Questions


What is Extend-A-Cool?

Extend-A-Cool is a leg cooling therapy. The product is a water impregnated gel product that works through evaporative cooling. The product can cool the leg 6-8 degrees F/minus 11 to minus 13 C for approximately 6-8 hours.

Why should I use Extend-A-Cool?

Extend-A-Cool helps relieve a horse’s sore shins, osslets, and inflamed muscles and tendons that may result from strenuous activity. It can also reduce the swelling and discomfort that can come from acute sprains and bruises. No freezing, refrigeration or wetting is required to use the product.

When should I use Extend-A-Cool?

Extend-A-Cool can be used before and after an event, after strenuous training or exercise, during transportation, as first aid, on the trail, or during and after endurance events.

What are the benefits over ice or cold packs?

Ice or cold packs used over 20 minutes without a Veterinarians’ supervision can lead to nerve damage. Extend-A-Cool is a mild cooling therapy that reduces the lower leg temperature 6-8 degrees F/minus 11C to minus 13C and can easily be used safely for at least 6 hours.

Do not have to worry about frostbite!

Can I take Extend-A-Cool to events, shows and on trail rides?

Extend-A-Cool is great to take along. Due to its small size, it fits easily in saddlebags, in the horse trailer, in First Aid Kits, in the barn or in your vehicle. Lay FLAT to store. RESEAL package or store in a resealable plastic bag if you only use one sheet to prevent the remaining sheet from drying out.

Can the product be frozen or refrigerated?

The product is not harmed if accidentally frozen. However, we do not recommend freezing the product for use on horses without the advice of your Veterinarian. The product can be refrigerated to give additional cooling for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, the product will attain the same temperature as non-refrigerated product.


I left my package in a hot vehicle. Can I still use it?

If Extend-A-Cool is in it’s sealed original package the product is still usable. Product can be exposed in it’s sealed package up to 150 degrees F/65.5C.

I only need one of the Cooling Sheets in the package. What should I do with the other one?

The second sheet can be stored in the original package if the package is tightly resealed. Alternatively, the second sheet can be placed in a sealable plastic bag making sure the bag is sealed tightly to protect it from drying out. The product should stay usable for several weeks.

Can I reuse Extend-A-Cool?

The Mesh Wrap can be reused. Hand washing is recommended if needed. The Cooling Sheet cannot be reused after the initial 6 to 8 hours of use. However, if you need to only use the product for a few hours, it can be used again later if properly handled and re-applied to the same horse’s leg.  Remove the product from the horse and cover the gel side with the clear cellophane cover originally over the product. Then place the product in a sealable plastic bag and make sure the bag is sealed to protect the product from drying out. The product should stay usable for several weeks.

****Reuse of the Cooling Sheet can result in bacterial dermatitis****

Can I put a boot or a wrap over the Extend-A-Cool cooling sheet?

It is not recommended to cover the cooling sheet. The product needs air to work properly. Covering the cooling sheet will cut down on the effectiveness of the sheet. The cooling sheet requires sufficient airflow to work properly and to avoid injury.

Can I place medications or salves under the Extend-A-Cool cooling sheet?

Extend-A-Cool has not been tested with medications, salves, essential oils, liniments, etc.  Extend-A-Cool sheets should not be used in conjunction with any products in the covered area.

Can I use Extend-A-Cool over a wound?

Extend-A-Cool has not been tested over a wound. We DO NOT recommend that the product be used over a wound.

Will the gel side make my horse’s leg sticky?

No, the gel side does not leave a sticky residue.

Where can I purchase Extend-A-Cool Products?

You can purchase EAC products by contacting Julie 

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