Exclusive quick wraps, perfect after exercising to prevent swelling. The wrap is divided into two parts. The soft inner lining that sits against the horse's skin is made from infused ceramic/magnetic polyester. The ceramic and magnetic materials are fused into every fibre, which means that function is not adversely affected after washing. The lower edge of the lining is reinforced with 420 g of Oxford nylon, for added durability. The outer material is strong neoprene with four practical Velcro fasteners. This creates an optimum fit and comfort to keep the ceramic/magnetic lining in place. The lining is joined to the outer material with two Velcro fasteners for easy removal for washing.

Sold in a 2-pack. Wash at 40 °C / 104 °F.

HANSBO SPORT Infused Ceramic Magnetic Quick Wraps

SKU: QWP-000

    "Bread may feed my body... my horse feeds my soul"

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    Photo by  Birgit Berghofer

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