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dir1/32x32/outlookexpress.scr A: You could try to analyze the EXE binary with objdump: $ objdump -j.text -h -S text.bin text.bin: file format elf32-i386 Sections: Idx Name Size VMA LMA File off Algn 0.text 00000012 00000000 00000000 00000028 2**0 CONTENTS, ALLOC, LOAD, READONLY, DATA You should see the EXE entry point, along with the C++ classes, and perhaps.rdata. The important part is the ALLOC, LOAD, READONLY, and DATA lines. The instruction set for 32-bit code, 0x3c, is visible in the.text section: section offset size type .text 00000028 00000012 STT_FUNC CONTENTS, ALLOC, LOAD, READONLY, DATA On an x86_64 machine, the instruction set for 64-bit code, 0xfc, is present instead: section offset size type .text


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