"Creating a Healing Environment  for Horses"

Mobility & Balancing Session:

A session for your horse includes an assessment of your horse's physical, mental, emotional, nutritional and spiritual states. A combination of modalities is incorporated in a session and is determined by the horse's immediate needs and by what the horse's body requires to start the process of healing and obtaining balance/homeostasis. This may be accomplished through muscle relaxation &/or soft tissue release, spinal and joint mobility, clearing blocked energy, or many other possible healing responses. 


I provide a thorough explanation of the modalities and the techniques applied during the session and leave you with follow-up exercises to further assist in the healing and maintenance of your horse. An initial session is approximately 1 hour in duration. 


Empowering you as your horse's caregiver is Horses In Harmony's intention! 

Distant Consultations:


Energy has no boundaries. I provide one on one Distant Consultations to discuss any concerns that you may have with your equine partner. You provide a video or photos and information about your horse: name, age, colour, past history of injuries, surgery, etc. We schedule an appointment time for a telephone consultation to discuss insights and suggestions for creating a healing environment for your horse. 


Consultation includes initial information exchange, assessment, and telephone consult. 

Tutoring Sessions:


Tutoring sessions will be offered upon request. You may book individual one on one tutoring with your horse; or small groups of two or three people with your horses. 


Please contact me directly to book a tutoring session. If you wish to be notified by text or email when a group session is offered please notify me to be added to the contact list. 

"Follow Your Own Trail!"

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Photo by  Birgit Berghofer