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About Julie

I have always had a fascination and unending love for horses. My life has been spent being involved in the horse world participating in a variety of disciplines as a competitor and as a practitioner. I began my career as an Equine Performance Practitioner in 1999.

When considering a session for your horse remember that it is a long-term commitment to your horse’s well-being not a short-term fix. A session is a whole body balance: mental, physical, emotional, nutritional & spiritual. The combination of modalities are determined by your horse's needs. 


I am blessed to say that my work is my passion. It is through my clients and their horses that I am able to continue to learn and grow personally, professionally and as a practitioner. 

Harmony between horse and rider enhances performance and builds bonds - our ultimate desire!


"Bread may feed my body, but my horse feeds my soul"