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Equine Stretching Online Course - Building Bonds - An Empowering Bodywork Techniques Course
SALE!  $129 - Lifetime Access


Empowering Bodywork Techniques
​Join me for Building Bonds, an online course based on my book, 
Equine Stretching for Mobility – An Illustrated Guide! 


Work at your own pace through this online course designed to enhance your horse sense and to deepen the connections with your equine partners through a hands-on coaching series of massage & stretching routines, and much more!

You will have lifetime access to the contents and to ongoing support from Julie.

This course is offered in a series of chapters that include video, illustrations to download, diagrams and additional information not included in my book. 


Information  will help to provide a knowledge base to continue to build a deeper relationship with your horse to reach the ultimate goal of “building bonds” with the horse mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually! 

You will learn:
- Bodywork that ANYONE can do! 
- Basics: anatomy and movement of the horse
- Knowing Your Horse’s Normal: vital signs, habits, stance
- The Ultimate Connection: “feel” - massage & soft tissue release techniques
- Preparing Your Horse for a Stretching Routine
- Stretching Exercises for the Entire Body

-  Developing a Stretching Routine for Your Horse



An Introduction To The Building Bonds Course

An Introduction To The Building Bonds Course

An Introduction To The Building Bonds Course
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 Testimonial For The Building Bonds Course
Thank you Jen for writing me this lovely testimonial! I appreciate your support!

I am pleased and very honored to write this testimonial for Julie Parsonage of Horses in Harmony and both her Building Bonds Clinic and online course. 

I had been wanting to do something like this for a very long time, but I was never able to find anything like this in my 20 years of searching. Thanks to Julie I no longer feel lost- I know that if I do not have the answer right away, I can figure it out. The feeling to just be free and feel and have confidence in what I am doing is invaluable, and I’ve never gotten that from any other instruction – I can’t thank you enough. 

When I started taking the online course it was the kind of instruction I resonated with. It is easy to follow and understand – anyone can do this! The book along with the video components gives the course that extra added edge, being able to see and follow and apply the methods shown is greatly beneficial. 

Julie was insightful, positive, patient, and extremely helpful during my learning process and during her clinic, she was with me every step of the way with hands-on knowledge and experience. She has a very easy-going, calm personality and I immediately took to her teaching methods. 

My life changed, plain and simple. I was loaded with amazing information from the online course, energized by the work we did in the clinic and hands-on training, and amazed at the level of commitment and encouragement I received from Julie as my mentor. 

Not to go on too much about this, but I really value what you have done with your site, Building Bonds online course and Building Bonds Clinic. My horses and I continue to be delighted by Julie’s courteous and attentive nature to their care and my learning as a horsewoman. 

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done. 

All the best in your future endeavours, 
   Jen Thorpe
Fusion Healing 

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