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Equine Stretching Online Course - Building Bonds - An Empowering Bodywork Techniques Course
SALE!  $129 - Lifetime Access


Empowering Bodywork Techniques
​Join me for Building Bonds, an online course based on my book, 
Equine Stretching for Mobility – An Illustrated Guide! 


Work at your own pace through this online course designed to enhance your horse sense and to deepen the connections with your equine partners through a hands-on coaching series of massage & stretching routines, and much more!

You will have lifetime access to the contents and to ongoing support from Julie.

This course is offered in a series of chapters that include video, illustrations to download, diagrams and additional information not included in my book. 


Information  will help to provide a knowledge base to continue to build a deeper relationship with your horse to reach the ultimate goal of “building bonds” with the horse mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually! 

You will learn:
- Bodywork that ANYONE can do! 
- Basics: anatomy and movement of the horse
- Knowing Your Horse’s Normal: vital signs, habits, stance
- The Ultimate Connection: “feel” - massage & soft tissue release techniques
- Preparing Your Horse for a Stretching Routine
- Stretching Exercises for the Entire Body

-  Developing a Stretching Routine for Your Horse