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Julie's Services & Offerings

Below are the services and offerings I provide. Please click the contact page at the

bottom of this page to book a service, or get in touch with me.

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Video & Phone

Empowering You!
includes 30 min phone/video discussion

Empowering you as your horse's caregiver is Horses In Harmony's intention!

Energy has no boundaries. I provide one on one Distant Consultations to discuss any concerns that you may have with your equine partner.


Book directly with Julie. You provide a video or photos and fill out a questionnaire to provide information about your horse: name, age, color, past history of injuries, surgery, etc.


We schedule an appointment time for a telephone or zoom consultation to discuss insights and suggestions for creating a healing environment for your horse.

Consultation includes initial information exchange, assessment, and telephone or zoom consultation discussing my findings plus, recommendations for stretching exercises and other related information.


Ensure your horse's best health and well-being!


Group Tutoring Sessions
priced on per hour basis
Please contact Julie

Tutoring sessions will be offered upon request. You may book individual one-on-one tutoring with your horse; or small groups of two or three people with your horses.

Please contact Julie directly to discuss your tutoring session.



Equine Stretching & Mobility - "Building Bonds" Online Course
Deepening the Human Horse Connection

Work at your own pace through this online course designed to enhance your horse sense and to deepen the connections with your equine partners through a hands-on coaching series of massage & stretching routines and much more!


You will have lifetime access to the contents and to ongoing support from Julie, Equine Osteopath and owner of Horses In Harmony.


Information will help to provide a knowledge base to continue to build a deeper relationship with your horse.


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Private One-On-One Tutoring

1 hr 30 min.

Book Julie for a private one-on-one tutoring session with your horse.


This session is customized to you and your horse's individual needs.


Whether you are a beginner bodyworker, someone wanting to learn some basic skills or an experienced practitioner, I will provide guidance and information for enhancing your skills and working towards strengthening the ongoing bond between you and your horse!

Contact Julie to discuss your learning desires!

Working with horses

Horses In Harmony Osteopathic Session

Restoring Whole-Body Balance & Mobility
1 hr

A session for your horse includes an assessment of your horse's physical, mental, emotional, nutritional and spiritual states.


A combination of modalities is incorporated in a session and is determined by the horse's immediate needs and by what the horse's body requires to start the process of healing and obtaining balance/homeostasis. This may be accomplished through muscle relaxation &/or soft tissue release, spinal and joint mobility, clearing blocked energy, or many other possible healing responses. 

I provide a thorough explanation of the modalities and the techniques applied during the session and leave you with follow-up exercises to further assist in the healing and maintenance of your horse.


An initial session is approximately 1 hour in duration. 

Empowering you as your horse's caregiver is Horses In Harmony's intention!


Stretching for Mobility Clinics

Price & Length of Clinic Varies per Booking

CUSTOMIZED "Stretching for Mobility" clinics are available upon request. These clinics are custom designed to meet your groups needs. Information is based on the book "Equine Stretching for Mobility."

What the group will learn: 

- The Basics: anatomy & movement of the horse

- The Ultimate Connection - develop "feel" & learn simple massage techniques and how to use the roller mitt effectively. 

- Stretching exercises and how to develop a routine for your horse. 

Learning made easy for all ages!

Contact Julie to book a clinic!

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