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Equine Kinesiology Taping

Elastic Kinesiology Taping for the equine athlete - "Equi-Tape" may be applied to assist when training or applied for therapeutic reasons.


Equi-Tape has many benefits based on its ability to interact with the skin and associated neurosensory and mechanoreceptors.


Elastic Kinesiology Equi-Tape and its associated application techniques decompress tissue thereby allowing for increased oxygen supply and circulation. This lifting principle behind the decompression also influences, and thereby impacts, how pain receptors respond to the messages associated with swelling and/or inflammation. 

Benefits may be:

  • Assisting the body's own healing mechanisms

  • Interacting with the skin and associated neurosensory receptors impacting pain

  • Decompressing tissue - facilitating blood and lymph flow

  • Facilitating movement - assists muscles relaxes muscles and supports joints, ligaments, and tendons

  • Providing constant proprioceptive feedback throughout the application

Information quoted from Equi-Tape Practitioner's Manual

Equi-Tape - Equine Kinesiology Taping

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