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About Julie Parsonage

I grew up on our family's ranch bordering the Cypress Hills in southwestern Saskatchewan. My roots tie back to 1898 and I am proud to say that my brother and his family own & operate the original family homestead. 


I  have always had a fascination and unending love for horses. My childhood dream was to be a "horse vet" and in later years my desire was to do some sort of horse practice that involved working with the horses applying healing modalities.


I am pleased to say that my life has been spent being involved in the horse world.  I participate in a variety of disciplines as a competitor and spend hours with my horses exercising them,  chasing cattle in the mountains  and as an equine practitioner.


I began my career as an Equine Performance Practitioner in 1999. That was over 20 years ago! I have acquired many certifications, diplomas, hours and hours of hands-on experience with thousands of horses over the years. I am very fortunate to say that my dream came true! 

I am blessed to say that my work is my passion. The learning opportunities that the horses offer me are endless. Many times as a horse nuzzles me or demonstrates a release by yawning, sighing or licking and chewing, my client will comment, "it must be very rewarding to have an animal show so much appreciation and affection." Yes, it is! To be able to create a healing environment for these magnificent animals is a gift that I never take for granted. I am thankful for the many people who have influenced, supported and encouraged me throughout my career. It is through my clients and their horses that I am able to continue to learn and grow both personally and professionally. 

When considering a session for your horse please understand that it is a long-term commitment to your horse’s well-being and not a short-term fix. A session is a whole-body balance: mental, physical, emotional, nutritional & spiritual. The combination of modalities is determined by your horse's needs. I am a Graduate & Licensed Practitioner of Equine Osteopathy EDO and also have certifications in: cranial sacral therapy, massage & myofascial release (soft tissue), spinal & joint mobilizations, Applied Kinesiology, energy applications (Reiki) and animal communication. 

​Balance & harmony between horse and rider enhances performance and builds bonds - our ultimate desire!

"Quiet the Mind - Listen with your Heart"

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