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Know Your Horse's Normal

Download my free Equine Health Recorder for an "old fashioned" way to keep track of your horse's health care. I hope you find it useful. 

Please feel free to share with other horse lovers!

Do You Know Your Horse's Normal?

  • Are they usually sluggish or are they always perky with their ears up and full of mischief?

  • Are they a fussy eater, dunk their hay in the water pail, gorge themselves or do they eat slowly and walk away when they are full?

  • Do they always stand with one leg a bit further forward than the other, rest one hip or the other?

  • Do they like to lay down often or not at all?

  • Do they like to play or do they prefer to just hang out?

  • Do they always have that little hitch in their "get along?"

It is important to pay attention and take the time to note a few bullets points about your horse's behavior. Slip the paper in a file with the Equine Health Recorder so that you have it for reference. It comes in handy to new owners and is a useful resource if you have someone else caring for your horse. 

I usually have good intentions of writing down farrier appointments on the calendar or posting them in my phone but we get busy and it's very easy to lose track or to simply forget., did I deworm on that full moon or the one before that..... LOL​!

@horsesinharmonyjp #Equinehealthcheck

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