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"Don’t Fence Me In”

As I reflect on my life, my heart stops, then races, and eventually settles. I have had so many wonderful experiences in my life and so many learning experiences which have at times, brought me down to my deepest, darkest moments, and have brought me to my greatest, most fulfilling times.

Now, as I mature gracefully….always hoping, I can look back and draw from those experiences and know that I have many tools in my belt and have gained wisdom & knowledge through the years to deal with situations and move forward in life, embracing our beautiful Universe and all it has to offer.

This Spring 2020, I had the opportunity to get outside and rebuild a short stretch of barbed wire fence. It was interesting to think about the reconstruction of the fence line and the parallel to life.

Getting out in nature and physically ripping and tearing, sweating, and getting bit by the barbed wire and knocked by the posts gave me time to think about how the dismantling of the fence line and the parallel to life.

The dismantling of the fence line – pulling every staple which holds the old, rusty, weather-beaten wire securely to the posts is the start of breaking down those thoughts, our beliefs and the walls that hold us together. Our thoughts and actions securely bind our values and beliefs to us just as the staples bind the wire to the posts. We hold our values and beliefs close to our hearts, shaping our moral standards and integrity as we mature and move forward through life.

There are times when I need to step back and take a break from life. Times when I de-construct everything and literally tear it apart, lay it out and then gradually roll it all together, binding the feelings, thoughts and emotions that no longer serve me into a big ball. Like the old wire that no longer serves it purpose. It’s laid out strand by strand, carefully stacking it on top of each other and scrunching it together and meticulously rolling and pressing it all together as it’s gathered into a huge circle of rusty old wire to be disposed or repurposed.

The representation of taking the time to deconstruct our habits, our core beliefs, and values. Do they still serve me? What will the next year, the next 5, 10 or 20 years of my personal and professional life look like? Which habits and beliefs can I roll up and dispose, repurpose, or reshape to better serve my highest good?

The pillars of the fence-line are the posts. They have stood deeply set in the dirt withstanding snow, rain and relentless wind proudly holding up the wire and providing a barrier between the pastures. Some posts are still deeply rooted while others have rotted over time. The walls we build and barriers we put up for self-preservation or other personal reasons are there to help us weather all our storms; the good, the bad, and the ugly! As our bodies age it is time to re-evaluate our foundation – our core being: mental, physical, emotional, nutritional, and spiritual.

As the tractor drives along the fence line, I throw all the old, broken down posts in the bucket. Some of the posts are destined for disposal or repurposing. The rolls of wire and the kinked staples are added to the load.

Out with the old and in with the new!

As the truck idles roughly across the prairie I am challenged to stand upright and throw the new posts off the back of the truck, carefully try to space them the same distance apart.

I am reminded to take the time to self -reflect; to add some new, stronger pillars to my life and to reuse those that still serve me. The shiny new barbed wire will tie the posts together providing a barrier between the pastures to clearly define the fence-line.

Setting new intentions, re-establishing core values and beliefs, and re-charting my path both personally and professionally will better serve me and will better serve my clients and their horses. It is exhilarating to create new ideas and goals just like pounding the staples into the posts – not too tight in an effort to allow for re-alignment if necessary. Each step is a meticulous creation – a work of art!

The satisfaction and fulfillment from the deconstruction and reconstruction process is amazing!

Over time the new fence will weather, and the wire will occasionally break but, with a splice, it can be repaired. As with life, a splice here or there will keep us on track and moving forward.

Remember…..”Follow Your Own Trail.”

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Unknown member
Mar 18, 2023

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